Multimedia course are all in one course that give you multiple skills in one package. These skills are

  • Graphic designing
  • Animation
  • video editing 
  • Web designing
  • Architecture
  • Motion graphics
  • Visual effects
  • Digital marketing

With multimedia training, you can be expert in multiple skills that results in multiple job options. Going with the courses in multimedia is the best way for those individual who wants to learn multiple skills.

Where you can learn multimedia courses in Delhi?

There are many digital media institute are available for learning multimedia courses in Delhi. But if someone truly wants to get the professional level multimedia training. Then join ADMEC multimedia institute in Delhi. The best place for learning all type of professional courses. Such as

  • Animations
  • Digital marketing
  • Web design and development
  • Architecture designing
  • Textile designing
  • Video editing
  • Multimedia

Multimedia training is one of the most favorable option that student like as a career option. Let’s see the Multimedia courses offered by ADMEC.

ADMEC Multimedia basically offers three types of multimedia training program. 

Multimedia Standard course: Multimedia standard is an 18 months program. This Multimedia and animation course is divided into two to three semesters and six module. The first semester teaches you art and graphic design. That covers graphic designing and image editing etc. in the second semester you will learn web graphic its designing and making it functional. In the third part of this module you will learn video editing and animation. These entire thing you will learn through software applications like photoshop, premiere, illustrate, animate, audition etc. and for web part you will learn html5 css3, javascript, jquery and seo etc.

Multimedia Master course: this is a 24 month multimedia course in Delhi that is divided into 4 semesters. This 24 months course has the capability to develop you into the skilled artist from the no one. The first semester gives you the skill of art and graphic design. The second semester is all about learning web designing and making it functional. Web sites promotion is a key part of this second semester. The third semester teaches you animations. The last semester give you the video editing skill.

Multimedia Master Plus course: Multimedia master is the superior course of duration 3 years. This diploma in animation and multimedia is divided into the 6 semester. First semester teaches you graphic design and image editing. The very next semester covers web design, development and its promotion. Architecture designing is a main and different part of this module that gives you additional interior designing. In the end part of this module the student will learn animation and nonlinear editing.

Why ADMEC for multimedia training?

  • Professionally designed course
  • Training from expert mentors
  • Practical projects and assessments
  • weekly doubt session
  • workshops and industrial trips
  • quiz competition
  • offers lifetime placement support

At the end of this blog I want to say that multimedia course provides you multiple skills to work in many industries. You can gain professional level multimedia training at ADMEC multimedia institute in Delhi under its courses like graphic design courses, animation courses, video editing course, autocad course, software development courses, data analytics courses, etc.

I hope you will like this blog and it will be helpful for you.

Thanks for reading!